Nancy Dutra's daughters waiting for their daddy
to come home from the hospital

All we have is each other. Fundraising as a means to Pay it Forward.

My TOP 11 TIPS for fundraising.
By Nancy Dutra

Is helping others selfish?

I suppose it can be. After all, you can certainly benefit emotionally and socially from helping others. You can even benefit financially by getting a tax receipt for a donation. But assisting your fellow human is a basic duty. After all, what do we have if not each other?

In May 2021, my family was experiencing a personal tragedy. My husband was in the hospital for what would ultimately be a three-month period due to a serious illness related to COVID-19. My children were sad and confused. I was emotionally and physically drained from trying to keep up my family’s spirits. To say that I was overwhelmed with feelings of sorrow and responsibility would be an understatement.


Grandmother Kim Wheatley storytelling in Corktown Common

Friends of Corktown Common and Anishnawbe Health Foundation Host Songs and Storytelling with Grandmother Kim Wheatley

On July 10th, Friends of Corktown Common (FoCC) and Anishnawbe Health Foundation hosted Songs & Storytelling with Traditional Anishinaabe Grandmother Kim Wheatley on the central lawn of beautiful Corktown Common. Kim Wheatley is a band member of Shawanaga First Nations. She is Anishinaabe (Ojibway/Pottawatomi), Turtle Clan and carries the spirit name "Shkoden Neegaan Waawaaskonen (Head or Leader of the Fireflower).

Grandmother Kim started the afternoon off with the “Honour Song” and then shared several traditional stories of the Anishinaabe peoples including trickster Nanabozo, the Water Lilly and concluded with the “Water Song.”  Approximately 50 guests of all ages enjoyed the sunny afternoon in the park.

Thank you to FoCC for making this event possible through theirTD Park People Grant. If you would like to learn more about FoCC and future events in Corktown Common visit www.facebook.com/corktowncommon/


Brittany Decaire, Anishnawbe Health Foundation Board Member


Congratulations to AHF Board Member Brittany Decaire

Congratulations to Brittany Decaire on her recent graduation from Nipissing University with a Bachelor of Social Work! Brittany won the BSW Award for Outstanding Achievement for her high grade point average during her years of study. Brittany was also awarded the BSW Award for Outstanding Contribution to Professional Social Work Leadership in Northeastern Ontario.

Anishnawbe Health Foundation is very fortunate to have Brittany serve on our Board of Directors through the Girls on Boards program initiated by Fora: Network for Change. Girls on Boards trains, coaches, and places diverse emerging young leaders on governance boards in their communities. The program is committed to advancing equity in the non-profit sector across Canada.

Further congratulations are in order as Brittany is now moving forward with her studies and working towards a Master of Social Work at Laurentian University. We wish Brittany all the best for the upcoming school year!


New Construction Hoarding at Anishnawbe Health construction site features art work by artist Luke Swinson

It’s now been over one year since the ground breaking at the future home of Anishnawbe Health, and the project is well underway. Recently, the construction site has been updated with beautiful hoarding featuring designs from Luke Swinson - a visual artist with Anishinaabe roots, and who is a member of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation. The construction hoarding also provides information on the project, the partners involved and recognizes donors to the Foundation who have helped us to move this project forward. If you are in the area of Cherry Street be sure to check it out!


The Dawning of a New Day
by Gabe, Anishnawbe Health Toronto Client


Join Sundance Chief and Spiritual Leader Unkan Wandbi Wakita (Grandfather) for the next Wisdom Weavers Episode

On July 29th, our Wisdom Weavers Storytelling & Traditional Teachings will continue with Unkan Wandbi Wakita (Grandfather), of the Dakota nation. Unkan has attended Sundances, both in the United States and Canada, for over fifty years. He is a Sundance chief, spiritual leader, and strong voice to preserve Dakota language and culture.

Unkan will speak about Natural Law which offers a guide to health, well-being, and healing of Indigenous people in heart, mind, body, and Spirit. Unkan shares stories that help the listener to know and practice their culture, way of life and sacredness.


Our Commitment to Transparency

At the recent Anishnawbe Health Foundation Annual General Meeting, held on June 22, the Foundation membership reviewed the report from the Foundation’s auditor BDO LLP and approved Foundation’s Audited Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2022. 

The statements are available for review here on our website.



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